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Welcome to this forum, please introduce yourself

Forums Welcome to this forum, please introduce yourself

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      Oluwatosin Adeola

        Advanced Level Members (Content Creators & Instructors)

        Hello and welcome to the KASOM Forum!

        This forum is a place for Kingdom Ambassadors to share knowledge and support one another as we take our ministries to the next level towards fulfilling all that God has called us to do. Feel free to introduce yourself below by replying to this thread.

        Please take a moment to read the general forum rules, and learn about how things work over here.

        There are so many learners on this forum that we think it’s important to create a space for you to share a little more about who you are and all the great things God is doing in your life and also your expectations.

        Some questions you may answer to get your thoughts flowing are:

        • What is your name and where you are from?
        • What are your passions and things you like to do or things you have accomplished in the past?
        • What is your industry and profession or vocation?
        • What are your expectations for enrolling in this school?
        • Where do you plan to use the knowledge gained from this School? Personal/Ministerial?
        • And any other things about you that you believe will edify others and glorify God.

        Please do not post any private information on this forum. You share your private information here at your own risk

        Engage respectfully with everyone in this forum (discrimination of any kind is not tolerated)
        We encourage you to respond to at least three of posts that might interest you by clicking ‘Reply’ below such post.  Then commenting on the post, make a suggestion, or ask a follow-up question.

        You can search through forum topics (using the search bar in the top left corner) before posting a new question or idea.
        Direct your post and replies to the correct forum category so you’re more likely to receive the right response.
        Respect the forum moderators. They are community members with the highest Trust Level who are community leaders in this space

        To report a code of conduct violation, you can send an email to admin@kasom.truevinrm.org or use our contact form here.

        You can apply to become a KASOM community leader (coordinators) by becoming a forum moderator once you fulfill Intermediate Level Membership criteria.

        Lastly, we believe that a forum like this is a great place for you to learn from others and to network. We encourage you to actively participate here in a positive, encouraging and Godly manner.  Have fun and a remain blessed.

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          Basic level Member (Student)

          My name is Moses Fidelis
          I am passionate about enlighten people about the word of God
          I am a Teacher. I studied Industrial and Technology Education.
          Expecting to gain knowledge
          I appreciate the house for given me the opportunity to learn

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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      Forums Welcome to this forum, please introduce yourself