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Welcome to Kingdom Ambassador School of Ministry Int'l!

Kingdom Ambassador School of Ministry is the Learning arm of True Vine Resource Ministry. It is a God ordained tool to raise the end time army of the Lord.
This is not just another school to award certificate or prepare people for ordination. It is a school designed to bring men into the fulfillment of God’s purpose for their life. This is a school that is focused on raising disciples for the kingdom of God. Just like Jesus was able to raise men whom He trained during His ministerial years on earth and committed into their hands the grace mandate. God has commissioned KASOM to raise men and women who will do God’s will on earth.
The world is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God.
The arrival of God’s end time army is here;

Who are these would-be END TIME ARMIES?

They are a set of people who have given their lives to God by new birth (John 3:3)
Those who are living their everyday lives fulfilling God’s purpose and plan.
Those whose zeal for God’s kingdom has consumed them (John 2:17)
They are agents of change whose only mission is to see the Kingdom of God established on earth as it is in heaven.
They are ordinary people empowered by the Holy Spirit to do extraordinary things in ministry, business, politics, education and every sphere of human life.
They are people who brings the touch and presence of God to earth.
People who have understanding of their place in God’s agenda and guard it jealously (Joel 2:7)
Those who have discovered their God ordained purpose and are ready to serve God with it.
Those who will defy human law to do the will of God (Dan 6:10)
They are ultimately people who will defend the Kingdom of God and His people because of their love for God. (Esther 4:16)
These are the set of people God has sent us to raise in this end time.
Enroll Now for FREE and discover the what God wants you to do and what He has made available to you for fulfilling this great destiny.
At completion, a certificate of completion will be awarded you and you will be automatically accommodated into House of Representatives.

Meet your Instructor

Tosin Adeola is a voice of change, committed to helping people live the effective life. An Apostle and Teacher of God’s word and a spiritual life Coach. For over ten years, I have been speaking and writing on discovering and fulfilling God’s purpose for one’s life and teaching on the Healing power of God.

I am a conference speaker and a televangelist with great passion for the kingdom of God and establishing it on earth. I have a mandate to teach people how to serve God and show them the way to His side. I am on the race to mentoring minimum of a million people around the world and help them fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.

I served as a Part-time Youth Pastor between 2007 and 2009 and as an associate pastor (part-time) from 2009 to 2013 at living Faith Church, Worldwide.

I read lots of books which have impacted my life, but the Bible remains the most inspiring book which I live by and also teach from and which I recommend to anyone desiring a successful life.

I married the love of my life, Katman in 2008 and we are proud parent of two lovely children.


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