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Kingdom Ambassador School of Ministry is the Education arm of True Vine Resource Ministry Intl, inspired by God to raise “God’s end time army”.

  • They are a set of people who have given their lives to God by new birth (John 3:3)
  • Those who have discovered their God ordained purpose and are ready to serve God with it
  • Those who are living their everyday lives fulfilling God’s purpose and plan.
  • People who have understanding of their place in God’s agenda and guard it jealously (Joel 2:7)
  • Those who will defy human law to do the will of God (Dan 6:10)
  • Those whose zeal for God’s kingdom has consumed them (John 2:17)
  • They are agents of change whose only mission is to see the Kingdom of God established on earth as it is in heaven.
  • They are ordinary people empowered by the Holy Spirit to do extraordinary things in ministry, business, politics, education and every sphere of human life.
  • They are people who brings the touch and presence of God to earth
  • They are ultimately people who will defend the Kingdom of God and His people because of their love for God. (Esther 4:16)

No. all our courses are free. But you need to register as a member (which is free) to access our courses.

When you enroll in any of our courses, you automatically become a member.

As at this time, we are not accredited but looking towards that in very near future. Nevertheless, our main focus is raise people through teaching of God’s word without any form of barrier and preparing people towards the fulfillment of God’s assignment for their lives.

No. As much as we want to raise people, we believe ordination is sacred and should be done by a senior minister who can attest to your walk with Christ.

Our certificate of completion including diploma is not meant for employment purposes but a proof of what you have learnt and our way of commendation.

We also believe it can serve as an added advantage for those seeking employment or starting their ministry as it gives credibility.

We are currently working towards making this possible. You can send us a mail requesting for further information to

You can post questions on the forum and wait for answers from members of our community. You can also start a topic (in line with our rules) and allow members to contribute.

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